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Complex Costs Cases​.

At WCL, our team is more than just a group of professionals – we are a close-knit unit committed to success. With a combination of industry knowledge, dedication, and a client-centred approach, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and the strongest outcomes for clients.

Handles cases which often involve international and cross- jurisdictional elements, where the issue of costs has become contentious, complex and which requires concentrated and high skilled input from experienced costs lawyers.

Strong professional connections with the key firms and practitioners operating in the dispute resolution and costs litigation sectors, WCL is very well placed to advise and represent a party in need of an experienced costs lawyer.

Strives to deliver the best outcomes for clients either by way of negotiated compromise at the budgeting stage or advice and advocacy within the resultant arbitral or detailed assessment proceedings.

Ensures the client always receives robust advice and representation.


Solicitor and Client Fee Disputes

WCL has substantial experience in handling fee disputes as between solicitor and former client – and often takes the lead in strategy considerations and advice, the drafting of costs pleadings and any resultant advocacy within detailed assessment proceedings.

WCL frequently acts for solicitors against former clients who intend to take issue with fees and expenses incurred during the retainer and are also often asked to advise and represent the ex-client, usually, businesses which had instructed the law firm – against their former solicitors – either way, the party instructing WCL can rest assured they will receive robust advice and representation.

High Value, Complex Costs Disputes

WCL has strong experience in preparing and advising on large or complex costs claims within Detailed Assessment Proceedings – deriving from litigation in the English Civil Courts, the Competition Appeals Tribunal, or Arbitration Proceedings. WCL also handles costs disputes arising from litigation in other jurisdictions, notably UAE.

WCL often provides advice on strategies designed to mitigate expense within or to prevent the Detailed Assessment process.

In Arbitration Proceedings, WCL helps law firms prepare submissions on the incidence of and amount of costs, to assist the Tribunal in the making of Awards. WCL’s agility and experience working with often large underlying billing data enables effective schedules and summaries to accompany submissions which yields better outcomes.

WCL adopts an efficient and cost-effective approach to all of its work.

Bills, Costs Pleadings, Advocacy

WCL is regularly instructed to prepare large or complex bills of costs – or to assist the paying party mitigate its liabilities following adverse costs orders.

WCL makes use of its vast experience and sophisticated knowledge of Microsoft Excel to prepare bills more efficiently and which better enables advice on strategy and incidental advocacy pleadings to be prepared more easily and with greater effect.

WCL often leads on advocacy and strategy advice or otherwise provides chief support to instructed counsel in detailed assessment proceedings.

Budgets, Costs Management Advocacy, Advice

WCL is often asked to prepare and advise on court and opponent-facing costs budgets and strategies arising therefrom which usually includes negotiations and advocacy points with the opponent, advice around monitoring ongoing spend versus last approved or agreed budgeted amounts and written advocacy in preparation for costs management hearings.

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